ZeroLime, together with cut-e - world leader in online tests for recruitment, have created a unique solution for recruitment and selection.

We call the solution VIPA which stands for Video Interview & Psychometric Assessment.

About VIPA

VIPA means a combination of work psychological assessments together with video interview via smartphone. That combination means high accuracy that the right person is chosen for the right job, while simultaneously keeping recruiter's time low. VIPA also provides high accuracy for a low cost.

Infinite number of candidates

We have combined research within selection with really good IT. This means that you can make the selection from an infinite number of applicants with high accuracy without you as a recruiter spending any more time.

Time as a recruiter

90% less spent time for recruiters.

High accuracy

Innovative recruitment is about using existing technology together with valid selection methods in a clever way. By combining structured interviews by mobile phone together with high quality psychometric tests, we have made the selection far easier for recruiters.

It works like this

The recruitment time is lowered while the accuracy at the same time increases. You as a recruiter need to do the following:

Select job profile
Send a link to your candidates
Assess interview answers
Select the candidates you wish to meet for a final interview / employment

Your candidates will take a short personality test that only measures what's relevant for your specific job. Having taken the test we ask them to take a video interview using their mobile phone. For the candidate, it takes around 20 minutes to take the test and the interview. You as a recruiter can log in to our system, watch the interviews you're interested in and select the people you want to invite to a final interview / employment. The only thing you need to do is send a link to your candidates.

Time for the candidate

20 min is the total time for the candidate to take the test and interview. Every candidate will after this receive feedback by downloadable report.

Competency based video interview

Examples of questions the candidate will receive after their test:

Tell us about the last time you made a big effort to achieve good results in your work

Give us an example of sometime when you worked in a stressful environment. How did you manage that?

What rules/guidelines do you have to follow right now and how do you manage that?

Give us an example of when you've helped a work colleague. What did you do?

Assessed candidates

As a recruiter you will have access to a portal where you can select the candidates you want to invite to a final interview or employment. We suggest that you highly consider the score from the personality test together with the answers from the competency based interview. Research has proven that the combination of these selection methods provides much higher accuracy.

For it to be as simple as possible for you as a recruiter, we have already sorted your candidates by how well they match your job profile.

Effective process

Select job profile and invite candidates by ad, link, QR code or mail

Assess interview answers

VIPA summarized

Available job profiles that only measure what's relevant per job

Time efficient for the recruiter as well as for the candidate

Works regardless of company size

No need for education or consultancy - it just works from the start

cut-e is world leading within work psychological test over the internet for recruitment, selection and personal development.

Creative development of items, user friendly test reports and thorough scientific evaluations characterize cut-e:s test tools and that way insures success for the test user.

cut-e annually delivers over 7 million tests in more than 70 different countries and in more than 40 languages and that way contributes with decision making for an impressive collection of some of the world's biggest companies and organizations. Using information from cut-e:s tests, HR departments can make well considered decisions in recruitment and development processes.

ZeroLime offers video and web based solutions for recruitment and staffing. By using these solutions, companies can make their business more efficient and drastically lower costs for their staff management. Beyond structured interview by smartphone, ZeroLime's solution also provides fully automated support for tests (e.g. competency based or personality).

Contact us and we will tell you more

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